Alateen Sponsor

An Alateen sponsor is an adult who regularly attends and sits in on an Alateen group to make sure the meetings stay within a twelve-step meeting format. She or he does not counsel Alateen members and participates at a very minimal level. An Alateen sponsor is not at an Alateen meeting for personal support. She or he is there as a quiet presence of guidance and protection for the Alateen members.

Remember, Alateen members lead, share, and support each other at meetings. Alateen is designed for teenagers, not for adults. A good Alateen Sponsor encourages the active participation of the Alateen members and allows the Alateen members the autonomy to conduct their own meeting according to the guidelines of the twelve-step format.

Should you wish more information about being an Alateen sponsor please contact the Ottawa Alateen Coordinator