AIS – Website Coordinator

The duties of the Website Coordinator are the following:

  • Be mindful of the World Service Office’s answers to frequently asked questions concerning websites. You can access this information by logging into the member’s site, clicking on the site map link and then clicking on the “Facts for Al-Anon Web sites” link under the “Public Outreach” heading.
  • Renew the registration of the website domain name ( every year. and send the invoice to AIS Treasurer.
  • Send any invoices from the service provider hosting the site. to the AIS Treasurer for payment.
  • Attend the monthly AIS meeting to report on the status of the website and to receive any instructions about updates to the information on the site.
  • Apply updates to the site.
  • Make any updates to the HTML version of the meeting list.
  • Monitor the Ontario South Area website ( and the World Service Office website ( from time to time for changes. It may benefit Ottawa Al-Anon members to add links to new pages on these two sites. It may be helpful to discuss linkages to these two sites with the website coordinators responsible for them.