AIS – Chair

Requirements: be a willing Al-Anon member elected by AIS representatives and endorsed by the District GR’s Traditionally, serves for a 3-year term.

  • Calls and chairs AIS committee meetings in accordance with the agreed-upon schedule (traditionally, monthly meetings except in July and August).
  • Drafts the agenda for each meeting and distributes it to members in advance.
  • Encourages and supports AIS members who serve in various AIS committee positions.
  • Supports the smooth functioning of the AIS committee by ensuring that key tasks are completed by its core membership.
  • Periodically reviews and confirms the AIS committee membership list.
  • Studies and applies the Traditions and Concepts as they relate to public outreach activities.
  • Writes a monthly report of AIS committee activities and/or key messages for presentation to the District.
  • Presents a monthly report to the District, either in person or in writing.
  • Ensures ongoing communication with the District Rep and the Alateen Coordinator.
  • Serves as a public outreach liaison with the Area (Ontario South).
  • Prepares a yearly report for presentation at the Area World Service Committee (AWSC).
  • Serves as the contact person for WSO’s eCommunities for AISs.