Sunday Open Speaker Meeting

NOTE: The Sunday Open Speaker meeting is provided on ZOOM

About the Meeting

This Al-Anon speaker meeting is open to members of the public who wish to find out more about Al-Anon. It is hosted each Sunday by one of the Ottawa area Al-Anon groups and is held on ZOOM.

At a speaker meeting, an Al-Anon member shares his/her experience, strength, and hope and tells his/her story about what it was like before finding Al-Anon, how s/he found Al-Anon, and how Al-Anon has helped him/her recover from the impact of someone else’s drinking.

Al-Anon conference approved literature is on available on the Ontario South AlAnon website. Copies of the Al-Anon meeting list are available on the Ontario South AlAnon website .

The Sunday Speaker Meeting is a public information service provided by local Al-Anon groups and guided by Group Conscience as taken by the Group Representatives at the District level. This is an open meeting available to anyone interested in the family disease of alcoholism; students or members of the professional community may be in attendance. Also, it is often a Newcomer’s first introduction to Al-Anon. The main focus of Sunday Speaker Meeting is to allow newcomers and non-members to hear how the Al-Anon program aids recovery from the effects of the family disease of alcoholism. Hopefully, a newcomer will feel welcome enough to “keep coming back”.

The following “helpful hints” are offered to assist your group in preparing to host Sunday Open Speaker Meeting:

  • Prior to the day of the meeting, it is suggested that the group that is hosting the meeting
    • Select a chairperson.
    • Select a speaker. Ideally, this should be someone who has enough experience in Program to give a talk with the Newcomer in mind. Refer to Al-Anon Speaker Guidelines (G-1) for further guidance.
    • Invite group members to attend in order to assist with reading Steps, Traditions, reading a Newcomer page and reading a Page of the Day.
    • Take a group conscience to determine how you will close the meeting.