Sunday Open Speaker Meeting

NOTE: During this period of COVID restrictions the Sunday Open Speaker meeting usually held at McNabb Centre is provided by ZOOM

About the Meeting

This Al-Anon speaker meeting is open to members of the public who wish to find out more about Al-Anon. It is hosted each Sunday by one of the Ottawa area Al-Anon groups and is held at 11:00 a.m. at the McNabb Community Centre, 180 Percy St, Ottawa, ON K1R 6E5 (just north of Gladstone).

At a speaker meeting, an Al-Anon member shares his/her experience, strength, and hope and tells his/her story about what it was like before finding Al-Anon, how s/he found Al-Anon, and how Al-Anon has helped him/her recover from the impact of someone else’s drinking.

Al-Anon conference approved literature is on display. Copies of the Al-Anon meeting list are available. Pamphlets are free. Books are for display only; you may order a book from the websites listed on the meeting list or from the literature coordinator at one of the Al-Anon group meetings.

Hosting Guidelines(currently in person is on hold-see ZOOM link)

Sunday Open Speakers Meeting is a public information service provided by local Al-Anon groups and guided by Group Conscience as taken by the Group Representatives at the District level (joint districts #28 and 29). This is an open meeting available to anyone interested in the family disease of alcoholism; students or members of the professional community may be in attendance (Al-Anon Service Manual, p. 43). Also, it is often a Newcomer’s first introduction to Al-Anon. The main focus of Sunday Open Speaker Meeting is to allow newcomers and non-members to hear how the Al-Anon program aids recovery from the effects of the family disease of alcoholism. Hopefully, a newcomer will feel welcome enough to “keep coming back”.

The following “helpful hints” are offered to assist your group in preparing to host Sunday Open Speaker Meeting:

  • Prior to the day of the meeting, it is suggested that the group that is hosting the meeting
    • Select a chairperson.
    • Select a speaker. Ideally, this should be someone who has enough experience in Program to give a talk with the Newcomer in mind. Refer to Al-Anon Speaker Guidelines (G-1) for further guidance.
    • Invite group members to attend in order to assist with set-up, reading Steps, Traditions, etc.
    • Take a group conscience to determine how you will close the meeting.
  • Upon arrival at McNabb Community Centre…
    • Go to reception desk and request the key to the Al-Anon cabinet in the Community Room (lower level).
    • Al-Anon materials are located in the cabinet closest to the door, to your immediate right upon entering the room.
    • Set up the literature table. Do not forget the meeting lists!
    • Set up coffee (it is suggested to bring a small container of fresh milk).
    • Set up chairs and speaker’s table.
    • Hang up the banner listing the 12 Steps and the banner listing the 12 Traditions.
    • Chairperson asks for volunteers to fulfill the various service opportunities. These include reading the steps, traditions, newcomer’s page, page of the day, and thanking the speaker.
  • During the meeting…
    • Follow the “Meeting Guidelines” which are found in the binder in the Literature Box. These guidelines have been reviewed and approved by your trusted servants, the Group Representatives, at a Joint District meeting in May 2002.
  • After the meeting, please ensure that…
    • All chairs and tables have been put away.
    • Coffee pot has been cleaned and supplies put away.
    • Literature and Steps and Traditions wall-hangings have been put away.
    • All supplies have been secured (locked) in the assigned Al-Anon cabinet, ready for the next group.
    • 7th Tradition has been picked up by appointed person and will be deposited at the Bank of Nova Scotia on Bronson and Somerset.
    • Key has been returned to the Reception Desk.
    • Any unusual occurences or missing items are reported to your Group Representative for follow-up.