District Secretary

Requirements: a willing member of Al-Anon and is elected by the GR’s of the District prior to Assembly. No set term(generally 3 year term) Duties as agreed to by District GR’s:

  • Attend District Meetings and take the meeting minutes.
  • Compile District Meeting minutes and send by email to District Representative, all GR’s, AIS Chairperson any special guests that may have attended the meeting.
  • Make changes/corrections/edits as required pursuant to requests for change from District
  • Maintain Sunday Speaker(McNabb) schedule and notify members of vacancies in the schedule.
  • Maintain District contact list and Traditions and Concepts list and report on these at every meeting.
  • Distribute notices to District Distribution list as required.
  • Keep District Distribution List current.
  • Answer or direct questions to appropriate area as received from District GRs
  • Assist DR with other duties as needed.